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C2C淘寶網 拍拍網 易趣網 百度有啊
B2C卓越 當當網 一號店 東方CJ
聯華OK 2688網店 百聯巴士 紅孩子
樂友 母嬰之家 愛嬰室 麗家寶貝
媽媽好孩子 悅購 親親寶貝 中嬰網
福寶寶 陽光葉子 平安寶貝 壞小孩商城
樂家寶貝 嘰咔屋 愛麗 貝可愛
歡樂送母嬰用品 金牌寶貝 吾愛.今生寶貝
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 Categories that Smart Path track
Smart Path Online Market 17 months Net Change
Smart Path Online Market Index 1063.086.31%
Electronic products 104.736.46%
Cosmetics 67.373.39%
Baby products63.115.87%
Sports goods56.914.84%
Personal Care44.855.22%
Electronic Appliances 21.573.96%

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China online shopping market reached RMB 250 billion in 2009, with C2C as the dominant channel. Online channel growth last year was driven by the increase in internet penetration and average transaction size. And Smart Path has a proprietary five-step approach to track this fast-growing online market.


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